Asti, capital of the DOCG spumante and of the Langhe

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What to see, taste and visit in Asti

Staying at the Park Hotel Mondovì provides the perfect opportunity for a day wandering around the wonderful places in the Langhe area.
One of these is certainly Asti, the capital of spumante, a town famous throughout the world. Only an hour from our four-star hotel, Asti is without doubt one of the oeno-gastronomic stars of the Piedmont region, always the favourite destination for those passionate about food and wine, who decide to organise a holiday just for that reason in the Langhe area.

While on the one hand, atour around Asti is ideal for the oeno-tourist to explore the oldest traditions of wine and food, on the other, it is also an opportunity get to know and appreciate the historic centre, with its wealth of churches and art. A real treasure chest of marvels to explore. A town of the mediaeval past, Asti is rich in monuments and history, more than a match for the more “famous” tourist destinations. Visiting Asti means experiencing an all-round vacation, a multi-sensory experience. Drunk on mountain air, eyes filled with the beauties of nature and history, a trip to Asti can offer unique and unforgettable experiences. Famous for its vineyards and typical products, a visit to Asti cannot pass without sampling at least one of its dishes. The jewel of culinary tradition in the area is certainly the bagna cauda, whose main ingredients include cardoon, one of Asti’s horticultural products. And there are also peperoncini, mostarda d’uva, the prized white truffles, and Piedmont hazelnuts, not forgetting the single flower honeys: an Asti product which follows the various seasonal flowers.

DOCG Asti spumante

You can't say you've visited Asti without having first tasted the famous sparkling wines bearing the name. A single grape and special taste make Asti spumante the sweet aromatic wine par excellence, a prime example of Italian wine-growing and making.
It is a unique wine, with its special characteristics, a real part of our region's cultural heritage, because it is the result of years of history, tradition, careful study and continued research. A DOCG which comes from the white Muscat grape, product of a terroir whose characteristics give the grape its rich aromatic heritage, experienced in every glass. A delicious nectar, arousing the emotions as you sip.

Asti Spumante Hotel Mondovì
Asti Monumenti Hotel Mondovì

Monuments, historic residences, oeno-gastronomy

A walk through the streets of Asti is the best way to explore the most hidden places, admiring every facet of a typical mediaeval town. The best place to start is the Piazza Vittorio Alfieri, dedicated to the famous poet, who was born in Asti, and then move on to Palazzo Alfieri. Another historic piazza is the Piazza Campo del Palio, one of the largest in the whole of Italy. Here for eight centuries the thrilling Palio took place, with riders and horses, a unique moment which literally takes you back in time.
Just lift your gaze to the sky, and what strikes you at once about Asti is the busy skyline full of so many towers, on churches and historic buildings, and soaring above them all is the campanile of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. After filling up on history and culture, lovers of oeno-gastronomic tourism will certainly not be disappointed. Not to be missed is the Country Festival, Festival delle Sagre, a special occasion for savouring the thousand flavours of Asti's rural culture.

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